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unleash the silence

Hello friends of cultivated entertainment!

Since 2013 the team from silent.move has toured through Europe, bringing the beat to the street and creating unforgettable silent events.

Born in Cologne, refined in Berlin, and having visited cities such as London, Paris, and Barcelona, we have plenty of incredible tours and events to look back on.

It all started with Disco, with live mobile DJs, and killer play lists. However we have since grown and now create unique events and tours, big and small, all year round in Berlin.


Come along for the ride...




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Music Quiz, Berlin Quiz, Group Disco Tours, Time Travel Tours und more...

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Disco Tours

90 minutes of pure fun. Dance past Berlin's most iconic places. With interactive flash mobs and the biggest hits of the last 5 decades.


Waste collection campaigns, poetry slams or complete festival stages. Here are our somewhat different concepts


Disco tours for groups, music quizzes or historical city tours with 3D sound. Perfect events for groups of friends, families or companies.

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Sustainability is a part of Event creation 


We pride ourselves on creating sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly events. This is why we choose to use Cargo Bikes instead of Transporters whenever possible. 

So far this year, we have riden 323km to and from our Events, saving approximately 82.43kg* of CO2!
(updated 30.04.2024)

* Calculated using the Einspar-Rechner from ADFC, with an average fuel

consumption of 11L per 100km as a comparison.

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