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Do you want to exercise outdoors? Well, you can! 

Do you want to dance, not indoors? Yeap, you can too! 


Come and join one of the most exciting and funky style sightseeing tours to date! 

Enjoy dancing around the city through some of the best-known streets. With all the possible classics from the 80s and 90s that you can never forget. 

Our entertaining fitness instructor (so he says!), leads you through the district in 1.5 hours, past many of the picturesque sights. 

All possible, with our mobile silent-disco, that also keeps you fit and reaching those steps! 


Flash mobs, dancing and singing – Some choreographed, mostly spontaneous and necessary commentary. 

Fun and easy fitness outdoors. 


Our headphones have a long range, and volume can be adjusted individually. 

Meant for all ages and a light basic fitness level is required. 

You can move freely and join in the action whenever you please! 

Great for birthday tours, bachelorette parties, or just to let loose after a long day/week from home. 


Also, fun when it rains! (we provide umbrellas)  




Our Events

Every second Wednesday from August

Immersive sound experience with live music and performances


Every second Wednesday

Intimate silent concerts in a hidden garden.





Rubbish collection with Live DJs



24.09 & 03.10

live music on wheels



Slam to Go

multiple dates

poetry and audio book slams.

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