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 Silent Disco Tour 
 (Special Editions!


for special occasions


13 - 15€


tour dependent


90 minutes



Throughout the year we will be offering a few special Disco Tours - Deutsch Only Hits, or special one-off tours in different cities. All the info for these tours will be updated here as we release them.

approx. 90 minutes

approx. 2,5km

13€ - 15€


Information at a glance

What actually is it?

We walk and dance along a set route past Berlin's iconic landmarks, interspersed with group actions.

Long story short: we have fun!

What Musik? Tour dependent

When: Tour dependent


Duration: 90 minutes

Distance: approx. 2,5km

Language: German/English


You feel like moving? You're in luck! 

You want to dance, but without the sticky club? That's what we do! 


Join us for one of the craziest sightseeing tours you've ever experienced.

We dance the city and old familiar streets.

With numerous actions in combination with the best musical hits.


Our entertaining hosts will guide you through the neighborhood in 1.5 hours, passing many of Berlin's most iconic landmarks. 

The first regular mobile silent disco in the city.


Flash mobs, dancing and singing – Some choreographed, most spontaneous,  punctuated with entertaining commentary. 


For dancers of all ages.

Our headphones have a long range, and volume can be adjusted individually. 

You can move freely and join in the action whenever you please! 

Just visiting for the weekend? Do something fun and unique!


Live in Berlin? Great for birthday tours, bachelor(ette) parties, or just to let loose after a long day in the office. 


Fun Fact: When the umbrellas are as sexy as ours, even dancing in the rain is fun! (we provide umbrellas)




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