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Unique events in unusual locations


At silent.move, the focus is on the audience's overall experience - from the moment you arrive to the moment you hand back your headphones with a smile on your face!

For us, an event isn't just about giving a band a stage or an artist a place to exhibit. It's about the way you, the audience, interact with the space. It's about how you enter, how you move, and the feelings it triggers. It's the little details that make our events different and special.

That's why our events are unique - whether it's silent concerts in a hidden garden, live music on a bike trailer, or 3D soundwalks that bring lost places to life. We are constantly working on new concepts and looking for new partners to take our events to the next level. 

Dive into the world of silent.move and become part of a movement.


Click on the event concepts below to learn more, or simply book your tickets in the ticket store now!


What we do...

Silent Disco Tours

Walk'n'Dance tours through Berlin. Dance to the greatest hits of the last decades in front of Berlin's iconic landmarks.


Museum Island
Best of 80s & 90s


Governement Quarter
2 Channels + Greatest Hits


Silent headphone concerts with live musicians, from secret garden concerts to moving bike events and everything in between.


intimate Headphone Concerts


Moving Bike Concerts


Historical walking tours through Berlin Mitte with 3D sound design, musical accompianament and fitting sound effects. Don't just learn about Berlin's rich history - experience it!


Historical Walking Tours with 3D Sound Design


Unique events that you experience on the move. Whether in a group or alone with your own thoughts, these experiences are designed to connect you to a place and give you a deeper understanding of the space around you.


Coming Soon
Our next SoundJourney is currently in creation


From silent stages at larger music festivals, right through to completely silent happenings.



Music festival in Blankenfelde


Miudinho Festival
Brazillian Dance Festival

& more...

That's not quite it... We have concepts that are hard to pigeonhole! Here are more events you should check out.


Clean Up Action with Live DJs

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