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unique headphone concerts in extraordinary locations

After a long cultural drought, we finally have something to sing about.

Silent Disco meets concerts meets distancing rules. Since 2013 the team from silent.move has been touring around Europe, dancing their way from city to city.

Now we have created a new concert series, designed to bring music back to public spaces safely and as quickly as possible. Our concept: enjoying the highest quality musicians using wireless headphones - neighbourhood friendly and corona-conform.

The silent.move project was devised as an answer to the cultural crisis we found ourselves thrown into in 2020, and we are aiming to expand this corona-conform concept in 2021. The arts and cultural offerings in all their forms are obviously suffering under the widespread closing of venues and other necessary health measures put in place to combat the global pandemic. But that, in a city such as Berlin, has wide reaching effects. We see an opportunity - and with that a responsibility - to create a small bubble within which we can offer musicians and other cultural curators a space to again present their artistic offerings to a live audience. For musicians, an opportunity to regain their livelihood, and for the audience medicine for the soul after a long and dark silence.

why silent.move concerts?  


Not all event organisers are the same, but why would you want to work with us?

We're Experienced: Since 2013, silent.move has been organising unique headphone concerts all around Europe.

We're Unique: yes, there are lot's of people putting on headphone events, silent discos are nothing new, but our concepts stand out from the crowd. Live music from a moving bike trailer, or walking tours with mobile live performances are what give us our name. We don't just present concerts, we create experiences.

We're Corona-Conform: Our headphones have a reach of at least 150m, meaning the current social distancing rules can respected without compromising on sound quality. It also means we can clearly set capacity depending on the size of the location and use heaphones to mark specific seating plans, even in unusual locations.

We're Neighbourhood Friendly: Headphone concerts mean silent concerts. We have the flexibility, dependent on the location, to only book musicians using electronically amplified instruments and to employ silent applause, meaning our concerts can be almost completely silent. At the same time, if the location allows we are able to easily amplify acoustic instruments.

We're Connected: With over 10 years experience in the Berlin music scene, we are well connected and only book respected and professional musicians and performers for our events. 

We're professional: We register all of our concerts with GEMA and the KSK and pay the relevant fees. We also require invoices from all of the artists who perform at our events. 

our concepts:  

We are currently planning a number of projects that we hope to realise throughout 2021. We are in the process of getting everything in place so that as soon as the restrictions allow, we can hit the ground running.


Moving bike concerts. Musicians play on a stage built on a cargo bike trailer and the audience rides with, using wireless headphones to listen to the concert. We provide the headphones (disinfected and indiviually packed). The audience just needs a bike or similar

Pop-Up Concerts


Using our experience and event infrastructure we can offer customised live music or performance experiences for corporate or private events, for example tailored bike concerts, pop-up or drive-by concerts for corporate parties (with or without headphones), mini location specific festival lineups, etc. We're also able to incorporate acrobatics, readings, walking tours, silent disco and more.

Simply write to us with your ideas or requirements and we can work together to create the perfect event.

Live Music Walking Tours  


Here we have multiple options

  • Walking Tours with live musik from a mobile stage and the audience walks with, or,

  • Multiple fixed stages with acts and the audience walks between them with entertainment in between, such as readings, information tours, DJ etc.

"Normal" Concerts


What does "normal" mean? We don't really do normal, but we do organise concerts in the classic sense of the word - a stage, some musicians, and a happy audience. However our stages are always in unique locations, and the audience listens via wireless headphones. All the atmosphere, with none of the sound pollution! Such concerts can also be privately booked.

Covid-19 Info:  


Uns ist bewusst, dass die Kulturszene mitunter am längsten braucht, um sich wieder zu erholen.  Wir stehen mit in der Verantwortung den Prozess und die leichten Lockerungen nicht zu verspielen. Daher passen wir uns tagesaktuell den Auflagen der Bezirk an und gehen sogar noch einige Schritte weiter:

 - Jeder unserer Kopfhörer ist desinfiziert und wurde einzeln verpackt.

 - Wir haben ein Abstandssystem, Markierungen sorgen für Orientierung. 

 - Ein beschleunigtes Ausgabe/Rückgabe System soll Schlangenbildung verhindern.

 - Tickets können nur online gebucht werden um die Teilnehmerzahl zu regulieren. First come, first serve.

 - Jede unsere Events finden draußen im Freien statt - manche sogar bewegend (z.B. bei den rollenden Fahrradkonzerten oder Walking Tours)

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