Can I talk to the other guests while we are doing the tour?

Yes, of course you can. Use only one side of the headphones or take them off completely.


Can I adjust the volume myself?

Yes of course. There is a custom volume button.


Which languages ​​are available on the disco tour?

English only at the moment.


What is the maximum group size?

Our big advantage compared to other hikes: we can easily accommodate a large number of participants.

We prefer a group size of at least 8 to a maximum of 75 people. In Corona times we lower the number. 


Can I use my own headphones?

No problem. Our headphones are pretty comfortable, but if you'd rather use your own, it's easy. All you need is one of our mobile receivers that you can use to receive the signal (connected to your headphone cable / not bluetooth).


Can I rent headphones exclusively?

Yes, you can. Just write to us stating the date, purpose and number of headphones you need.



Did your question go unanswered? Write us a message quickly or send a Whatsapp to 03062937183.