Corona allows the venues, we open new ones.

Singer-songwriter sessions in public spaces. Resident-friendly and - by far - the best music.


2020 - a challenging year by far.

Festivals were canceled, the cultural scene on the ground - and home office is no longer a foreign concept.



It's THE year for outdoor culture - with distance rules and a controlled number of spectators.



Musically, we only use artists whose instruments cannot be heard without headphones.

When and where you can find out in the event overview below.


Ticket registration is partly necessary, partly optional.



headphones only 

Bicycle concerts on the Tempelhofer Feld

Eine Konzertreihe wie keine andere. Covid-konform, umweltfreundlich und völlig einzigartig präsentieren wir die besten Musiker Berlins einem bewegten Publikum.

Die Musiker spielen von einer mobilen Bühne und das Publikum hört über drahtlose Kopfhörer zu... während es Fahrrad oder ähnliches fährt. 

We are happy to inform you about new concerts outside of social media.
Zu welchem Thema möchstest du informiert werden?
Musical review by our silent.concert artists ... Sounds good!