poetry slam to go
again from May 2021
Thank you for 6 great dates 2020

Berlin Mitte is empty and deserted. While desperate tour groups from the USA to China dream of being able to stroll through Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt at home, the sun sets over the (comparatively) deserted center. Absolutely deserted? Not quite. A small group of culture connoisseurs equipped with the most comfortable headphones, with Späti beer in hand and sunglasses in their hair, listens to the last bastion of live culture. Lyric poetry. Funny crusher. Impressive performance. Right in front of you like you can touch her. (But you don't, because of Corona.)

Their voices right in your ears.

This is the poetry slam to go.

Like a walking tour, only poetically.

Like a drive-in cinema, only ecological.

Like an open air poetry slam, only with movement.

In front of the most beautiful places in Berlin, we will enchant you with spoken word culture and one or two anecdotes about the places you are standing in front of. But above all with culture.

Unser Partner für Sprachkultur:

Die Kiezpoeten, ein Kollektiv von Veranstaltern, Spoken Word Künstlern und Workshopleitern aus der Hauptstadt.

Wichtig ist dabei die Individualität. Das heißt: Sie fördern insbesondere Spoken Word Künstler, die etwas zu sagen haben.

Ein eigenwilliger Stil und Persönlichkeit ist Ihnen bei den Auftretenden so wichtig wie bei Ihren Veranstaltungen.

Auch Newcomer der Dichterszene sind bei ihnen willkommen.