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Jeden zweiten Mittwoch ab Mai

Eine kleine Bühne in einem schönen, versteckten Garten in Rixdorf. Jeden zweiten Mittwoch verwandeln wir sie in ein gemütliches Zuhause für die unglaublich talentierten lokalen Musiker, die sich ihren Weg durch die lokale Szene bahnen. Wir garantieren gute Musik, gute Stimmung und eine schöne Location. Wir haben Schirme für Regen, Decken für die Kälte und eine Bar für schlechte Laune. 

Veranstaltungen auf Spendenbasis - Kunst ist für alle da. Du zahlst 10€ Pfand für die Kopfhörer und entscheidest während des Konzerts, wie viel du zurückhaben möchtest.

Sprachen: moderiert in englisch und deutsch (Künstler sprechen meist englisch)

Informationen auf einen Blick

Was ist es eigentlich?

Stille Kopfhörerkonzerte in einem privaten Garten in Rixdorf. Alle 2 Wochen präsentieren wir 2 aufstrebende lokale Acts - normalerweise 1 Solo und 1 Duo. Alles auf Spendenbasis, aber mit hoher Qualität und entspannter Stimmung. Wir brauchen 10€ Pfand für die Kopfhörer, und während des Konzerts entscheidet ihr, wie viel ihr zurückhaben wollt, wenn überhaupt.


Juni/Juli: Einlass 19:30, Musik um 20h.

August/September: Einlass 20h, Musik um 20.30h.

Wir müssen pünktlich fertig sein, damit die Nachbarn zufrieden sind!


Die Moderation ist auf Deutsch und Englisch, aber die Künstler sprechen meist Englisch.

Jeden Freitag um 20.30h!


14.06 (einlass 20h, Musik um 20.30h)

Eliën & Jorge da Rocha


Eliën is moniker of Dutch songwriter and vocalist Élénie Wagner. In 2019 she first came into view while writing her album during a road-trip through Europe. Her dreamy synths, polyphonic drifts and dark downtempo grooves take people on a journey through the depths of her mind. In her art Eliën uses film, music, movement and performative elements to create multiple dimensions. The artist sources inspiration from visionary artists such as RY X and Bon Iver and is following her own multidisciplinary path; poetic, raw and vivid.

Jorge da Rocha

A beautiful marriage between acoustic and electronic worlds in the hands of a solo artist who explores deep and inspiring sounds through musically emotional landscapes. As a restless and curious artist, Jorge breaks the borders of its jazz career and incorporates it into his passion for modern and alternative music, for world music, electronic music and songwriting.


Jorge graced our stage last year. It was so magical we've asked him back. 

*Reservations open 2 weeks prior.


28.06 (einlass 20h, Musik um 20.30h)

Lotta St Joan & Flora Falls

Lotta St Joan

On the search for truth, love and patience, Lotta's dreamy and fragile performances of carefully composed songs resound in honest admiration for classical folk queens such as Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez, while also drawing inspiration from the contemporaries Laura Marling, Lucy Rose and Daughter. Always touching, comforting, healing, Lotta St Joan burns for you.

Flora Falls

Born out of Berlin’s songwriter scene, flora falls is a brand new folk duo ft. Brea Robertson (AUS) and Dominique Fricot (CAN) met while sharing a stage in early 2019. As Brea and Dom’s unique, powerful voices come together to sing about matters of the heart, their delicate harmonies, honest melodies and raw, minimal instrumentation take listeners on a journey through memory, love and longing.

*Reservations open 2 weeks prior.


12.07 (einlass 20h, Musik um 20.30h)

Mone & Elsdeer


Mone is a singer-songwriter who provokes and soothes in the same breath. She's been called the lovechild of Fiona Apple and Tom Waits for her raw, emotional songs and unique vocal sound. Rooted in folk music but influenced by many artists, from Nina Simone and Leonard Cohen to The Dresden Dolls and Kate Bush, Mone fuses more traditional genres with the firm confidence of avant-garde music.


Elsdeer is the moniker of Berlin songwriter and Indie-Folk musician Denise Dombrowski. After first becoming a part of the Berlin folk scene in late 2019, Elsdeer has been crafting her own songs ever since. Her debut single,‘Ten Years Time, released in May 2022, is a powerful meditation on grief and loss that showcases her unique talents as an arranger. Following two more single releases in 2022, Elsdeer received a grant for the recording of her debut album which she will release at the end of this year.

*Reservations open 2 weeks prior.


26.07 (einlass 20h, Musik um 20.30h)

Haulyma & Leelo


Berlin-based singer-songwriter Haulyma is characterized by her crystal clear, warm, yet powerful voice. In her songs, she combines profound lyrics with strong, memorable melodies. Drawing inspiration from indie pop, soul and folk, Haulyma has developed a distinctive sound, captivating listeners into the world of her emotions.


Leelo is from a small country known mostly for its one-time Eurovision success. In Estonian her name quite literally translates as 'folk song' and as chances have it, she’s been chasing a career in music ever since she was a child. It all started with classical flute, concert bands and choirs, which then led her to study composition and musicology, which in turn threw Leelo completely off her path and inspired her to become a songwriter instead.

For the past four years she has worked in Berlin as an independent musician, playing on the streets, touring and growing a loyal audience. Her music takes influence from classical rock and classical music, infused with a modern, singer-songwriter writing style. Her direct lyrics, honesty and strong presence is something that has resonated with the audience on and off the stage

*Reservations open 2 weeks prior.


09.08 (einlass 19.30h, Musik um 20h)

Gal Klein & Harry Charles

Gal Klein

is a singer-songwriter originally from Israel who made Berlin her new home 5 years ago. With her soothing voice and classical guitar she moves gently with the rhythm of the seasons Captures moments of inspiration where 'what is' meets what seeks to be born. She has been performing both as a solo artist and with her duo '& love' all over Israel and in Europe at concerts halls, folk festivals, cozy salons and hectic alleys touches the heart of people wherever she goes. In her First E.P ' Let Your Heart Sing' (Tel Aviv 2017) she shares with the listener her deepest emotions about the path she walks on so fatefully for many years, path of creation.

Harry Charles

Originally from New Zealand, Harry Charles has been based in Berlin, Germany for the past 8 years and is fast becoming a favourite on line ups with his distinctive electronic live set of downtempo & slow house laced with live guitar and vocal grooves.

With a collection of EPs, singles and remixes released over the past 3 years, Harry’s regular international bookings include Fusion Festival, Jubel Jahre (DE), Oláia (PT), Shipwrecked, Earthbeat and Rhythm & Alps (NZ) along with playing at some of Europe’s most renowned

dance floors.

*Reservations open 2 weeks prior.

(Karten ab 2 Wochen vorher erhältlich)

Jeden Freitag um 20.30h!

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