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Are all your events with headphones? And why?
Yes, we specialize in events with headphones. If you want to know why, click HERE. But basically, it allows us to do things that others can't, and the result is better events for you!


Can I talk to my friends during the event?
Sure. Just take off your headphones or put one ear to the side. And you know what's great?! Because everyone else still has their headphones on, you can talk normally and not disturb anyone else!


Can I control the volume myself?
Yes, of course. Each headphone has its own volume control.


In which languages are your events?
We try to offer all our events in both German and English. If this is not the case, it will be stated in the event description on our website.


I reserved a free ticket for a free event, but I can't make it. What should I do?
It would be great if you could send us a message and let us know! The reason we get you to sign up for free events is so we know how many headphones to bring. It helps us a lot if you let us know if anything changes!


I bought a ticket and can't come. Can I get my money back?
We try to be as accommodating as possible. If you really can't come to an event you bought a ticket for, send us an email and we'll simply exchange the ticket for a later date. 
However, if the ticket is for a one-time event, it usually means that we are working with a partner or client to organize an off-site event. In this case, feel free to email us and ask what's possible, but we can't guarantee that we can return the ticket as we don't always have control over ticketing.


I can't find the address, where is it?
For many of our events, we do not publish the exact meeting place or venue on our website. If this is the case for an event you want to attend, the exact location will be on your ticket!


What if it rains?
This is the reason why we ask you for your phone number when you check out. We mostly organize outdoor events, and they are naturally prone to bad weather. 
As a rule, if you don't hear from us or there is nothing on our website about changes to the events, they will take place as planned! Please check our website on the day of the event for any changes and, if possible, refrain from contacting us about the weather. In other words, don't call us, we'll call you!
General rules for individual events...
Disco Tours and Walking Tours take place in any weather! We have umbrellas and we are not afraid to use them.
If it rains, #ArtistsOnWheels will most likely be cancelled, but this will be announced on our website. You will also receive an email and possibly a phone call.
Concerts are usually only cancelled during thunderstorms. This will also be announced on the website and by email.


What if I want to book a private event for more people?
That's not a problem at all either! We are always able to increase the size of our walking or disco tours. It just means we have to schedule more staff, which is reflected in our quotes and invoices. 


What happens if an event is cancelled?
If we cancel an event, there is a very good reason for it! This will be announced on our website and you will receive an email or a phone call or both. In this case, you have the choice of a full refund or we can simply transfer your tickets to another date.


Can I rent headphones exclusively?
Yes, you can. Just write us and tell us the date, the purpose and the number of headphones you need.


Is it possible to rate you publicly somewhere?
Ok, this question is probably asked by very few people, but still it would be great if you leave us a review. On Google or Tripdadvisor (If it's a bad one, please contact us first. We are pretty good at solving problems).    


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I have a coupon code. How can I use it?

- Select the tour or event you are interested in.

- Choose your preferred date.

- Add "Regular" tickets

- Click on "Place order"

- Enter your email and either create an account or not

- Under "Total" you can enter a promo code

- You need to enter the code for each ticket - that means, if you have a voucher for 2 tickets, you need to enter the code twice



Did your question remain unanswered? Write us a short message or send a Whatsapp to 00491743184863

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