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Poetry Slam

Slam To Go

Berlin Mitte is empty and deserted. From their home, while desperate tour groups from the all over the world dream of being able to stroll through Berlin's Gendarmenmarkt, the sun sets over the (comparatively) deserted center. Absolutely deserted? Not quite. A small group of culture connoisseurs equipped with the most comfortable headphones, Späti beer in hand, sunglasses in their hair, have a chance to listen to the last bastion of live culture. Lyric poetry. Funny crusher. Impressive performance.  

Right in front of you like you can touch her (but you don't, because of Corona). 

Their voices right in your ears. 
This is the poetry slam to go. 

Like a walking tour, only poetically. 

Like a drive-in cinema, only ecological. 

Like an open-air poetry slam, only with movement not slamming. 
In front of the most beautiful places in Berlin, we will enchant you with spoken word culture and one or two anecdotes about the places you are standing in front of. But above all with style and culture. 



poetry slam To Go
Berlin Spreepark

Hörspielslam To Go

 @Gärten der Welt:







Hörspiel Slam 2 Go - in the "Gärten der Welt"
(Radio play in the "Gardens of the world")

International garden art meets poetry slam.

An enchanting place between Renaissance and Korean garden, oriental courtyard and the prefab skyline of Marzahn on the horizon.
In addition to our Walks in Berlin Mitte, we have also been inviting visitors to this beautiful recreational park since 2021. With one million visitors last year, it is one of Berlin's flagship parks.
During a wonderful walk we offer poetry slam and comedy as a unique "Hörspielslam to go".
- spoken live by the artists* of the Berlin Kiezpoeten:
The headphones are additionally enriched with sound effects and soundscapes matching the text - just like in a radio play.

© Völk

It's like being in the middle of the stories while strolling through the gardens.

With a maximum of 40 guests, the "Hörspiel Slam To Go" is one of the most intimate live readings in the city:
You rarely get this close to the artists. A bit of live radio play, a bit of poetry slam, a bit of guided Sunday stroll through the gardens. The perfect afternoon activity.

And: admission to the Gardens of the World is included, of course.
The park can be further explored after the tour.

It is best to quickly secure a ticket in advance for one of the few seats. Keep in mind: the tour language is German.
Please note: This tour is less recommended for people with limited mobility.
In case it affects you, please contact us in advance.

Slam 2 Go - Spreepark

Im Dickicht des halb-vergessenen ehemals größten Freizeitparks der DDR bricht das Abendlicht durch alte Attraktionen und blühende Natur. Willkommen im Spreepark: Lange Zeit versperrt und verriegelt, Stadtnatur und Amüsement, irgendwo zwischen schwelgenden Erinnerungen und allgegenwärtiger Vergänglichkeit. Gemeinsam mit den Kiezpoeten und Grün Berlin führen wir das Publikum mit Live-Poesie, hervorragendem Humor und feingereimten Worten durch eine der schönsten urbanen Kulissen der Stadt. Vier meisterhafte Poet:innen in einer ungewöhnlich persönlichen Spaziergang vor fabelhaftem Bühnenbild, Entdeckergeist inklusive. Der Slam To Go: Spreepark-Edition. Hinweis: ein eigenständiges Erkunden des Parks ist weder vor, während oder auch nicht nach der Tour gestattet.  

The Kiezpoeten, a collective of organizers, spoken word artists and workshop leaders from the German capital.


The important thing is individuality. In other words:  They especially support spoken word artists who have something to say, an idiosyncratic style and of course: personality.


They also welcome newcomers to the poetry scene.

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