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Interactive Sightseeing Tours

2-stündige Walking Tours durch Berlin Mitte

Immersive 3D Soundscape erweckt Histroy zum Leben

Storytelling trifft auf Soundeffekte

Immerse yourself in the City

You're visiting Berlin and want an extraordinary sightseeing tour through the city? With silent.seeing sightseeing tours you get much more than a few facts and data about the most important sights.

With silent.seeing you can embark on a true journey through time to the last century, dance through the streets to the heartbeat of Berlin, or discover the city behind the muse.

On foot and independent of city traffic, we take you close to the places where history was written.

What's so special? Storytelling, sound effects and music...


Sightseeing as a Story: 

Experience History


On our sightseeing tours, you will experience the history and the stories behind the city, almost as if you were there. For example, on our time travel tour - Written by author and experienced city guide Jesko Habert - you will immerse yourself in historical moments, filled with loving details and exciting stories. Of course, all our tours are meticulously researched, yet we pride our selves on entertainment - after all, you don't want a history lesson, but an exciting journey through time.

Discover the city audiovisually


Equipped with high-end wireless headphones, you follow our guides through the city. This not only means that you can adjust the volume to your liking - the noise of the city disappears and you hear the voice of your guide in perfect acoustics. But that's not all: time travel to the roaring twenties? Swing music and the clatter of carriages accompany you. Dramatic stories from the Great War? You hear the bombs and tanks as if they crossed your path. Original quotes from contemporary witnesses, musical accompaniment or appropriate sound effects: Our sightseeing tours are simply different from all the others.



We will soon open the ticket shop for silent.seeing! In the mean time check out our disco tours that are already taking bookings!

Ticket Info for silent.seeing:

  • We have multiple tours in various languages each week. Please make sure you choose the correct time and language when booking.

  • We recommend our tours for visitors aged 14 and over. Some content may not be suitable for younger children. For this reason we offer group tickets and not family tickets.

Informationen auf einen Blick

Was machen wir eigentlich?

Wir nehmen Sie mit auf eine geführte Tour durch Berlin Mitte. Mit immersivem Sounddesign entführen wir Sie in die Vergangenheit und in eine andere Welt. Die Stadt und ihre Geschichte wird zum Leben erweckt mit interaktivem Sounddesign. Wie eine Walking Tour, nur mit immersive 3D Sounddesign - sodass es sich anfüllt als wärst du wirklich da!


Wöchentlich ab April 2024

Dauer & Länge:

Die Tour dauert ca. 2 Stunden. Die Gesamtlänge ist ca. 3km..


Wir bieten englisch- und deutschsprachige Tours an. Bitte stelle sicher, dass du die richtige Tour buchst!


Berlin Mitte. Der Treffpunkt für die Touren ist am historischen Ampel, Potsdamer Platz.


Die Tour ist zu 100% rollstuhlgerecht. Die individuelle Lautstärkeregelung an den Kopfhörern ist auch für Menschen mit Hörbehinderungen hilfreich.


You will receive high-quality headphones from us that will accompany you throughout the tour.

You can adjust the volume according to your needs.

In addition to the guide, a selection of curated playlists and sound effects await you.

You also have the option to fold away one side of the headphones and chat with your friends without disturbing other tour participants.


We think our headphones are very comfortable to wear, but you are welcome to use your own headphones if you wish. Please note however, that this is only possible via cable.



“We were skeptical at first, but the silent.seeing tour was really great and we all had a lot of fun. I can only recommend it to everyone!” Thomas, Denmark


Are you looking for a special sightseeing tour in Berlin? Are you planning an unforgettable school trip where learning is fun? Or are you looking for something new for your company outing this year? With silent.seeing you have found the right partner. With us you have the opportunity to take part in a different kind of sightseeing tour - also available for groups and private bookings. Discover the capital of Germany with silent.seeing and experience something special.

The perfect city experience

««  With us you also have the opportunity to participate in larger groups  (up to 100 people) - and without loss of quality!

««  We are also happy to offer private tours on request.

««  You are completely free and flexible. If you want to take a closer look and stay a few minutes longer, that's no problem. The guide is always with you.

««  If you wish, we can also incorporate your music into the tours.

««  All our tours include cool sound effects, interaction, flexibility and lots of fun!

Wir machen mehr als nur Walking Tours - entdecke jetzt die Welt von silent.move...


FAQ 2.png

Do you have any questions about our sightseeing tours? Then don't hesitate to contact us - just give us a call or send us an email! We clarify all your questions and personal concerns and are happy to help you.

You may already find your answer in our FAQ section.

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