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Music Quiz

by arrangement

by arrangement

60 minutes

on request


Group bookings on request


Participants are divided into teams by a quizmaster and take part in a mobile quiz show. Complete with jingles and sound effects!


Can you recognise the Beatles played backwards? What about Queen after just one second? How many notes do you need to recognise Britney Spears? Or do you only recognise hits by their lyrics?


That - and having fun, of course! - is what these quiz games are all about.


Number of participants: 8 to 30 (more possible on request)

Possible routes: Berlin Mitte, or customised (for an extra charge)

Duration: We recommend 90 minutes



Quiz basic package

including quiz master, technology, standard route, standard questions, up to 90 minutes

Customise route

e.g. start at the office and end at the restaurant.

Customise questions

for the creation of extensive playlists

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