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Looking for a gift voucher for something a little different? Want to introduce your friends to the world of silent.move? Then look no further!

How to buy your voucher...


Step 1:

Decide who you want to give a voucher to and for how much!

Step 2:

Fill out the form below and make sure everything is correct.

Step 3:

Submit the form by clicking on "Get your voucher".

Step 4:

Transfer the amount you have chosen to the account shown with the reference

"Voucher" + your name.

Step 5:

Be happy! You will receive your voucher as fast as we can create it. The code will be valid as soon as we have received confirmation of payment.

Please Note:

Do you want individual vouchers for several friends? Simply enter the number of tickets per person in the "Who is the voucher for" field. Enter the total number of tickets under "How many tickets".


give your friends something special!

Thank you very much!​Please transfer the amount you have selected above to the following account:silent.move GmbHDE13 1001 0010 0060 6051 42 PBNKDEFFXXXusing the reference"Voucher + name"​As soon as we have received the payment confirmation and this registration form, we will send you your voucher with your individual code(s) and any special text by e-mail. Let's Dance!

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Already have a voucher and not sure how to use it?

Our vouchers are for regular full price tickets.

To use your code, simply follow these instructions:

- Select the tour or event you are interested in.

- Choose your preferred date.

- Add "Regular" tickets

- Click on "Place order"

- Enter your email and either create an account or not

- Under "Total" you can enter a promo code

- You need to enter the code for each ticket - that means, if you have a voucher for 2 tickets, you need to enter the code twice

We're looking forward to welcoming you!

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