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Silent Spreepark

16.05., 13.06., 18.07.

Flamingos, Spreepark

Einlass ab 19:00,

2 Stunden



Experience music in a new light - a different kind of headphone concert at Spreepark.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of talented musicians who hide behind a curtain at the beginning, creating an air of mystery and anticipation. As the concert progresses, the identities of the musicians are revealed, adding an exciting twist to the evening.

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What is it actually?

2 highly talented local music acts will be on stage in front of the Flamingos at the Spreepark. Initially, however, in secret, because only their music will convince you. In the course of the concert, their identity will be revealed and the face will be assigned to the voice.

Get ready to experience the diversity and quality of Berlin's local music scene. We guarantee you the highest quality of music so you can relax while being open to the unknown that lies ahead.

Doors open at 19:00 and the music starts at 19:30, with each of the two acts playing a 45-minute set. There's a bar, a beautiful setting and good vibes.

Come and be a part of something special.


16.05., 13.06., 18.07, doors from 7pm


What sort of music? 

It could be anything from electropop to opera - but rest assured that no matter the genre, our artists are always good. Check out the individual events to learn more!

Duration:  2 hours

Language: moderated in English and German, but the artists mostly speak English

Location: Flamingos, Spreepark


Please Note:

The concerts are free, but online registration is necessary.

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