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Headphone Rentals

silent.move is primarily an event creation agency specialising in the design and execution of public and private headphone events. We are not a large rental company. 


However, we do have the necessary technical equipment to execute small to medium sized headphone events. If you are located in the Berlin area and are looking for a relatively small number of headphones for your own event, please feel free to contact us...

If you're looking to rent a larger number of headphones or don't live in the Berlin area, check out our rental partners here....

However, if you're looking for a full-service event package and the technical requirements to go with it, you've come to the right place! Information about our B2B services can be found HERE

Event Rentals

Since we deal with the organization of unique events, we also have a relatively large collection of technical equipment for events, as well as decoration and stage elements. Below you will find a (by no means complete) list of items that you can rent on short notice for your own events. If there is no price listed for an item, it means that it is complicated! Just contact us for a quote or more information. Unless otherwise stated, all items can be picked up at our production office in Neukölln.

For all inquiries please send us an email to

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