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Time Travel Tour

Our silent.seeing Sight Seeing Tours start 29.03.2024! Book your spot now.

A unique time travelling tour through Berlin Mitte.


The somewhat different historical walking tour in Berlin. Don't just learn about the history of Berlin - experience it!

Berlin Mitte

2 Stunden

ca. 3km

ab 15€


Information at a glance

What do we actually do?

We take you on a guided tour through Berlin Mitte. With immersive sound design we take you back in time and into another world. The city and its history is brought to life with interactive sound design. Like a walking tour, only with immersive 3D sound design - so it feels like you are really there!


Weekly from April 2024

Duration & Length:

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. The total length is about 3km..



We offer English and German speaking tours. Please make sure you book the right tour!


Berlin Mitte. The meeting point for the tours is at the historic traffic light, Potsdamer Platz.


The tour is 100% wheelchair accessible. The individual volume control on the headphones is also helpful for people with hearing disabilities.

a unique tour through Berlin of the last centuries.

silent.seeing offers wireless headphone sightseeing tours. The concept combines the advantages of a guided tour with the individuality and freedom enabled by the headphones. So you can explore cities in a unique way. The background music and 3D sound design brings their stories to life. Discover Berlin - entertaining and educational.


After starting at Potsdamer Platz, the tour heads towards the famous Berlin Wall, and you'll discover sights like the Holocaust Memorial, Gendarmenmarkt and Checkpoint Charlie.


The sightseeing tour lasts about 2 hours.

You can find the times for all public tours in the calendar.


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