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silent.move is a collaborative project between Hayco Baag and Geordie Little. This is our story.

We met at the beginning of a pandemic. The perfect time for creatives to join forces. Hayco had just had funding for a big neighborhood festival canceled at the last moment, and Geordie had just been sent home from a month-long tour of Sweden after all remaining dates were canceled. Spirits were understandably high.

But as is the way with artists, we just had to get on with it.

So we decided to put on a silent concert in a local garden. Hayco had been doing silent disco for years and had the equipment. Geordie was a touring musician and had contacts with musicians. Why shouldn't we start organizing concerts! 

So after a successful first event, we headed home. Hayco on his bike, with the trailer full of equipment in tow... and Geordie. The conversation naturally turned to the time Hayco strapped a stool to the trailer and rode through Tempelhof with a friend who didn't like walking. The best of both worlds, they thought. Hayco could be active and she could relax.

If she could sit on the trailer, why not a musician?

So Geordie ran home, turned on the lights, woke his wife and son (accidentally, of course), grabbed his guitar and set off to meet Hayco. 

We spent the next hour driving around Neukölln. Geordie sat on a trailer and played guitar with a tiny distorted amp for the enthusiastic locals at 1am.

In recent years, the ideas have multiplied, the concepts have grown and what began as a fun side project by two creative Neukölln residents has developed into a professional event agency specializing in unique, sustainable and silent events.

Let’s Work Together

silent.move GmbH

Altenbraker Str. 13

12053 Berlin

Tel: 0177 1684 941

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